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🟢 What is OpenClimate

The OpenClimate nested accounting platform allows users to navigate emissions inventories and climate pledges of different actors at every level, aggregating data from various public sources for countries, regions, cities and companies. Through this aggregation, it enables the comparison of how different data sources report emissions of certain actors, by harmonizing the way data is reported and identifying the different methodologies used.

Additionally, by nesting actors into their respective jurisdictions it facilitates the comparison between the pledges these actors have committed to, and to see if they are aligned towards the same climate targets, and how these compare to the goals of the Paris Agreement.

By aggregating data and exploring it in this nested manner, it also allows for the effective identification of data gaps for these actors, suggesting where efforts are needed to identify existing data sources or help produce new inventories. When data gaps are identified, the platform also prompts users to contribute data based on the open and standardized data model used to aggregate emissions and pledges data.

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Why your collaboration is important:

We greatly appreciate your interest in contributing to this project, and we want to highlight the importance of your contributions to make a significant impact on addressing one of the most pressing challenges of our time: climate change.

Climate change is a global crisis that demands collaborative efforts from individuals, organizations, and communities worldwide. By contributing to our open source platform, you become part of a community dedicated to combating climate change. Your unique skills, expertise, and insights can help drive innovative solutions, facilitate data-driven decision-making, and support ongoing research in the field.